The McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST): How to ace it.

In this post we will delve deeper into McKinsey and it’s recruitment process. Today we will discuss the McKinsey Problem Solving Test or PST. We already explored the history of McKinsey and later this week we will dive into the specifics of their case interviewing methods. But today it’s all about the McKinsey Problem Solving Test: a multiple choice test...

McKinsey Case Interview

The McKinsey Case Interview

The final post in our McKinsey Week series: the McKinsey Case Interview. In this special week, we’ve focused on the most well-known strategic consultant we all love (and hate): McKinsey & Company. We’ve explored the long history of McKinsey, both the company’s roots and more recent developments. This weekend, we featured a post on the McKinsey PST: the first ‘hurdle’...

Consulting Cover Letter

The Consulting Cover Letter

Before you even get to the case interviews to which this blog is dedicated, you’ll have to apply to the firm you’d like to work for. When applying for a consulting firm such as McKinsey or BCG, you’ll probably be asked to send them three things: A cover letter Your resume Your grades from high school and university Aside from...

BCG Case Interivew

BCG Case Interview

In our last post, we looked at the history of BCG. And following CaseInterviewHQ tradition, we will now continue with the specifics of the Boston Consulting Group (Case) Interview process, as we did with the McKinsey Case Interview. The basic structure of the case interview is the same, so I really recommend reading the McKinsey post (again). About 75% of...


BCG: From 1 Phone Line to 4,400 Consultants in 50 Years

This time, we’ll look at the biggest competitor for McKinsey: The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Next week, we’ll take an in-depth look at the recruiting and BCG case interviewing process, which differs from region to region. For example, some use an analytical test as the McKinsey PST, other offices focus only on case interviews and some add a one-hour ‘experience...


Case Interview Basics

At the very beginning of, we already introduced basic guides on case interview math and the McKinsey PST. After looking at the specifics of the McKinsey and BCG case interview, we now ‘take a step back’ and return to the basics of case interviews in a specific page. Click  to learn more on the basics of case interviews.

Consulting Resume

Writing the Perfect Consulting Resume

A lot of people want to work at a (strategic) consulting firm, which means companies like McKinsey, BCG and Bain receive hundreds of applications a month. All these applications are read, or should I say scanned: they receive only a tiny fraction of attention each. Together with your resume, you’ll send your cover letter, which we already discussed a few...


Everyone’s Trusted Advisor: The History of McKinsey & Co.

How did the company which insiders affectionately call ‘The Firm’ and outsiders know as ‘McKnife ‘ come to be? This week we will explore McKinsey’s history and firm-specific application process (which include case interviews and the “PST“). Today, we start with its history. McKinsey & Company was founded in Chicago in 1926 by James McKinsey as “James O. McKinsey and Company”. Previously, McKinsey...

Minto Pyramid Principle

The Minto Pyramid Principle Explained

Earlier we discussed the MECE-principle, which states that every grouping (of arguments, information, data, etc.) should be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. I’ll assume that you’ve read it, so if you didn’t: read up before continuing with this post on the Minto Pyramid Principle. Barbara Minto was the first female consultant at McKinsey and was tasked with improving communications in...


Consulting Resume Scanning

Did you know your resume and cover letter get about  30 seconds of attention each? I will feature an update about consulting resumes and cover letters shortly, as they are an important part of the application process and something I also elaborate on in my book on case interviews. I stumbled upon this image however, which reminded me about the...